Part of speech: verb

To seize with the hand; embrace firmly; comprehend.

Part of speech: noun

A grip of the hand.

Part of speech: noun

Ability to seize and hold; possession; comprehension.

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Usage examples "grasp":

  1. She was very tired, she had never felt quite so tired before, and her knees trembled as they had done that day when the fever came on at the convent; she was so dizzy too, that she had to stop now and then, to grasp the one fact of her being where she was and not somewhere else altogether; her single idea was to go on walking until- until when? - "My Little Lady", Eleanor Frances Poynter.
  2. Nick was a great comfort to her in those days, but she felt that even he did not wholly grasp the difficulties of the situation. - "The Keeper of the Door", Ethel M. Dell.
  3. The keeper's grasp relaxed, he fell heavily to the ground, and Saurin was free. - "Dr. Jolliffe's Boys", Lewis Hough.