What does the word grip mean?

Usage examples for grip

  1. It is better, therefore, for general work to curve the jaws, putting the work sufficiently within the jaws to meet them at the back of the jaw, when the end will also grip the work. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. So he went straight to the colonel, and when he came close he saw that the fat man was apparently in the grip of a chill. – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  3. He had put out one of his big hands as he spoke, and had gripped my wrist with it- ill as he was, the grip of his fingers was like steel, and yet I could see that he had no idea that he was doing more than laying his hand on me with the appeal of a sick man. – Dead Men's Money by J. S. Fletcher