Part of speech: verb

To attain; plan for; comprehend; surround; encompass.

Part of speech: noun

Extent within limits; scope; circuit; a boundary; bounds; due limits.

Part of speech: noun

The range of a voice or instrument.

Part of speech: noun

An instrument for determining directions by the pointing of a magnetic needle northward, as in the mariners compass.

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Usage examples "compass":

  1. Without map or compass I must follow that in spite of the pickets. - "London to Ladysmith via Pretoria", Winston Spencer Churchill.
  2. For, as we have seen, the warriors, despite the fact that their duty requires them to compass if they can the defeat of their foes, best show their loyal spirit if they prize the loyalty of their foes and honour loyalty wherever they find it. - "The Sources Of Religious Insight", Josiah Royce.
  3. Destroy the compass, and will the vessel find her far- distant port? - "Wanderings in South America", Charles Waterton.