Part of speech: verb

To clothe.

Part of speech: noun

Dress; outward form.

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Usage examples "garb":

  1. And, again, when he had presented himself at the dinner hour in the serviceable garb of every day, she had refused to go to the table until he came down again, " dressed as a gentleman should be dressed after six o'clock." - "Master of the Vineyard", Myrtle Reed.
  2. By these men's advice the camp was moved nearer; and soldiers were sent, at the same time, to each of the three towns; some armed, who were to lie concealed in places near the walls; others, in the garb of peace, with swords hidden under their clothes, when, on the opening of the gates at the approach of day, were to enter into the cities. - "The History of Rome; Books Nine to Twenty-Six", Titus Livius.
  3. From the other end of the village came Red Arrow out of the lodge of Chief Red Eagle, attended by twenty- eight braves, all splendid in their wedding garb. - "The Sheep Eaters", William Alonzo Allen.