What does the word designation mean?

Usage examples for designation

  1. The designation of dollars, in previous contracts, meant gold or silver dollars as plainly as if those metals were specifically named. – Monopolies and the People by D. C. Cloud
  2. It is of interest to us to note that these monks were frequently called Scots: you will find traces of them under that designation in the Schotten Kirche at Ratisbon and the Schotten Ring in Vienna. – From a Terrace in Prague by Lieut.-Col. B. Granville Baker
  3. I trust I shall sometimes see you at our place, where I am sure I shall be joined in welcoming you by Mrs.- Mrs.- well, to tell the truth, said the emir in some slight confusion, I don't know what her name will be, for it is obviously out of the question to call her Mrs. Achmed Ben Daoud, and she objects to the tribal designation of Alyam, which I had temporarily adopted for convenience's sake, as ineuphonious. – The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton by Wardon Allan Curtis