Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To form into a hardened mass; coalesce; congeal; supply with concrete.

Part of speech: adjective

Joined in or constituting a mass.

Part of speech: adjective

Actually existing; real; individual; particular.

Part of speech: adjective

Made of concrete.

Part of speech: noun

A hardened mass, as of gravel and hydraulic cement.

Part of speech: noun

A concrete object.

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Usage examples "concrete":

  1. There were innocent dwelling- houses, built long ago, with floors in just the right position and of just the right stuff, and when they were wanted the top stories were blown off and the concrete gun- floors were ready. - "My War Experiences in Two Continents", Sarah Macnaughtan.
  2. It is of no consequence to us unless we can translate its general terms into examples of the present day and substitute them in some vital way for the examples it itself gives, so concrete, so intimately involved in the circumstances of the day in which it was conceived and written. - "Community Civics and Rural Life", Arthur W. Dunn.
  3. And so, while her manner gently soothed and flattered her companion, it led him almost insensibly to- well, to put it in the concrete- to think scorn of Mr. Bonamy. - "The New Rector", Stanley J. Weyman.