Part of speech: verb

To hire by charter; establish by charter.

Part of speech: noun

An act of incorporation; document granting special rights or privileges; lease of a vessel, a railroad - train, etc.

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Usage examples "charter":

  1. But the difficulty that constantly presented itself was what should be done with the territory were the charter broken up; what government should replace that of the company. - "George Brown", John Lewis.
  2. Massachusetts Bay formerly had these popular rights, but owing to abuses their former privileges and freedom were repealed by the King's Bench under Charles the Second, and only partly restored by a new Charter from William the Third. - "Achenwall's Observations on North America", Gottfried Achenwall.
  3. Old Man Phipps does not play golf; but he is a charter member of the club and, according to the by- laws, the sons of members between the ages of sixteen and twenty- one enjoy all the privileges of the institution. - "Fore!", Charles Emmett Van Loan.