What does the word incorporation mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • A corporation.

  • Part of speech: noun

  • The combining of elements.

Usage examples for incorporation

  1. You don't know and don't care just the precise moment when the stock ought to be listed, and I don't know and don't care about the difference in the rock on the sixth level and the seventh, but you want to let me run the incorporation and the market end, though you're not especially interested in them, and I want to let you run everything connected with the mine, though personally I don't care half so much about all that part of it as you do." – Loaded Dice by Ellery H. Clark
  2. Between 1793 and 1812, Pennsylvania had chartered fifty- five turnpike companies, and other States had been scarcely less ready to grant articles of incorporation to stock companies. – Union and Democracy by Allen Johnson
  3. Moreover, it was pointed out that contracts must be interpreted in the light of rights reserved to the State in its constitution and in the light of its general laws of incorporation under which the charters were granted. – The Agrarian Crusade A Chronicle of the Farmer in Politics by Solon J. Buck