Part of speech: noun

An aromatic, oily preparation used for healing; balm.

Part of speech: noun

An aromatic resin, or the tree that yields it; also, a flowering plant.

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Usage examples "balsam":

  1. A cover- glass, also made thoroughly clean and dry, is then placed over the specimen and pressed gently until the balsam entirely fills the space between the cover and the glass slide. - "Directions for Collecting and Preserving Insects", C. V. Riley.
  2. The pure air of the balsam forest and the comfort of the solitude had at length had their way with him. - "The Long Lane's Turning", Hallie Erminie Rives.
  3. L Clavering had tied the boat to a tree in a little inlet far down the lake, and they were walking through a wood of spruce trees and balsam. - "Black Oxen", Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton.