Part of speech: adverb

Close to or along the side.

Part of speech: preposition

Side by side with.

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Usage examples "alongside":

  1. He, and two or three more, came into our boat, in order to accompany us on board; but seeing the Resolution under sail, he called to a canoe to put alongside, into which he and his friends went, and returned on shore. - "A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World, Volume 1", James Cook.
  2. The proper way 'll be to let her pass ahead, and then run alongside, and carry her by boardin'! - "The Log of a Privateersman", Harry Collingwood.
  3. In half a minute we were alongside the sheep, and I had the child safely in my arms. - "The Loss of the Royal George", W.H.G. Kingston.