Part of speech: noun

A home for the destitute; poorhouse.

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Usage examples "almshouse":

  1. Hampton Court is regarded by some travellers with pensive regard as a kind of almshouse for this class of the indigent, and institutions nearer home are described with a deferential courtesy and avoidance as homes for decayed gentlewomen. - "From the Easy Chair, series 2", George William Curtis.
  2. Tabitha Porter was an old maid, upwards of sixty years of age, fifty- five of which she had sat in that same chimney- corner, such being the length of time since Peter's grandfather had taken her from the almshouse. - "From-Twice-Told-Tales", Hawthorne, Nathaniel.
  3. She provides for us an almshouse in which we can take refuge when we are old and weary. - "The Green Carnation", Robert Smythe Hichens.