Part of speech: verb

To support, as a wall, by a prop of timber. See illus. in next column.

Part of speech: noun

A beam set endwise, as a prop.

Part of speech: noun

The land adjacent to an ocean, sea, lake, or large river.

Part of speech:

Imp. Of SHEAR, v.

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Usage examples "shore":

  1. A crowd of men stood on the shore, passing remarks to those who were leaving. - "Colorado Jim", George Goodchild.
  2. Billy sprang on board and pushed off, and it was not till the boat was a dozen yards from shore that he turned to wave a farewell to Eliza and the Prime Minister. - "Oswald Bastable and Others", Edith Nesbit.
  3. There's a man on the shore! - "Men, Women, and Boats", Stephen Crane.