Part of speech: noun

A stringed instrument, having a flat sounding- board, and played with the fingers.

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Usage examples "zither":

  1. Afar, in the Desert some wild voice sings To a jangling zither with minor strings, And, under the stars growing keen above, I think of the thing that I love. - "India's Love Lyrics", Adela Florence Cory Nicolson (AKA Laurence Hope), et al..
  2. As I came nearer I heard the sound of a violin and a zither, both most vilely played, jingling out a waltz. - "The Four Feathers", A. E. W. Mason.
  3. Below there are six other angels, three on each side with a lily between them, playing, those on the right on a violin, a flute, and a zither, those on the left on a harp, a triangle, and a guitar. - "Portuguese Architecture", Walter Crum Watson.