Part of speech: noun

Entireness; completeness.

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Usage examples "wholeness":

  1. Every man in his heart knows that there is goodness and wholeness in the rain, in the wind, the soil, the sea, the glory of sunrise, in the trees, and in the sustenance that we derive from the planet. - "The Holy Earth", L. H. Bailey.
  2. Miss Caroline herself had refrained from abusing him- had seemed to have forgotten him, indeed; but, as she read Byron to them, their hearts opened to her- rushed out, indeed, with a friendly wholeness that demanded something more than mere cordial applause of her favorite poet. - "The Boss of Little Arcady", Harry Leon Wilson.
  3. Emerson was not a great man of letters, Arnold said, because he had not the genius and instinct for style; his prose had not the requisite wholeness of good tissue. - "The Last Harvest", John Burroughs.