Part of speech: conjunction

Seeing that.

Part of speech: conjunction

The fact of the matter being that.

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Usage examples "whereas":

  1. For had she done so poor Princess Baby would have burst into loud sobs; it was a very sore point with her that she had never had a mamma at all, whereas all the others, even Butter- ball, were perfectly sure they could remember their mother. - "A Christmas Posy", Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth.
  2. Whereas, here was a fine carl with red lips and a black beard- unmarried too. - "Sidonia The Sorceress V1", William Mienhold.
  3. Pethel looked so very young for his age, whereas she would have had to be really old to look young for hers. - "James Pethel", Max Beerbohm.