Part of speech: noun

Sulfuric acid, or any of its salts.

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Usage examples "vitriol":

  1. It is not probable, however, that merely throwing up a well characterized vitriol- peat into heaps, and exposing it thus imperfectly to the atmosphere, is sufficient to correct its bad qualities. - "Peat and its Uses as Fertilizer and Fuel", Samuel William Johnson.
  2. If vitriol had been thrown on my poor master's quivering frame, the effect could not have been more instantaneous, his ignorance of the language spoken doubtless exaggerating his impression of being ridiculed. - "Worldly Ways and Byways", Eliot Gregory.
  3. " I'm betting Editor Jay Travers cuts into the vitriol supply for our benefit in this issue of his household journal," remarked the agent to his chief clerk. - "Mystery Ranch", Arthur Chapman.