What does the word crystalline mean?

Usage examples for crystalline

  1. Through his crystalline language we seem to inhale the crisp, clear air of the morning of Greece, in which the simple souls of child- men thus shaped their dreams of duty around their older dreams of nature. – The Right and Wrong Uses of the Bible by R. Heber Newton
  2. Natural casts of such hard bodies as shells are common, formed by the dissolving away of the original shell after it had become enclosed in mud, or even after this had changed to stone, and the filling up of this space by the filtering in of water charged with lime or silica, which is there deposited, often in crystalline form. – Animals of the Past by Frederic A. Lucas
  3. I can tell you, you shall hear of the highest crystalline merits that I can think of, to- day: and I wish there were more of them; but crystals have a limited, though a stern, code of morals; and their essential virtues are but two;- the first is to be pure, and the second to be well shaped. – The Ethics of the Dust by John Ruskin