What does the word vindictive mean?

    Part of speech: adverb

  • Vindictively.

  • Part of speech: noun

  • Vindictiveness.

  • Part of speech: adjective

  • Revengeful.

Usage examples for vindictive

  1. I intended asking for some explanation of the extraordinarily vindictive spirit displayed by the spear and the banner. – Lalage's Lovers 1911 by George A. Birmingham
  2. Vindictive, passionate and cruel beyond measure as were the women of those times! – A Daughter of the Union by Lucy Foster Madison
  3. She attacked Fred like a wild- cat for not writing you: but I daresay, if the truth were known, you did not expect to hear from my husband, said the wife, recovering her voice, and fixing a vindictive gaze upon her visitor, who felt himself betrayed. – The Doctor's Family by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant