Part of speech: noun

A flow of water below the surface of the sea in a direction opposite to the surface current.

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Usage examples "undertow":

  1. It has a tide and even a good strong undertow in places. - "The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan", Lizette M. Edholm.
  2. As I watched, I felt the boat plummet down, as if the sea was snatched from under her; it was the undertow- the wave was drawing the waters back beneath it. - "Seven Icelandic Short Stories", Various.
  3. Lessaix, watchful as every man was who called Louis master, caught the change of tone and again looked up, but this time with something more than curiosity- an anxious wariness, a fear lest some current of events he failed to discover might catch him in its flood and drag him down with its undertow unawares. - "The Justice of the King", Hamilton Drummond.