Part of speech: adjective

Bred from the best stock; high spirited; courageous.

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Usage examples "thoroughbred":

  1. You see the farmer upon his thoroughbred, but you do not know to whom in reality the horse belongs. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  2. Miriam is a most lovely girl, but her character has not hardened itself into what it is going to be, and association with a thoroughbred girl, such as Dora Bannister, admirably educated, who has seen something of the world, with an intelligence and wit such as I have never known in any one of her age, and more than all with a soul as beautiful as her face, cannot fail to be an inestimable benefit to your sister. - "The Girl at Cobhurst", Frank Richard Stockton.
  3. I did not obey the order, but touched lightly the flank of my thoroughbred with my spur and he left the house behind like the wind. - "Campaign of Battery D, First Rhode Island light artillery.", Ezra Knight Parker.