Part of speech: verb

To produce, as offspring; beget; hatch; raise; originate; cause.

Part of speech: verb

To bring up; train.

Part of speech: verb

To produce young.

Part of speech: verb

To be born; develop; originate.

Part of speech: noun

The progeny of one stock; a race or strain; a sort or kind.

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Usage examples "breed":

  1. Anthony might have taken this assault a little amiss, if he had not seen a laughing light in his companion's eyes; and remembered, too, that imprisonment is apt to breed a little bitterness. - "By What Authority?", Robert Hugh Benson.
  2. The stegomyia does not breed in open swamps or large bodies of water, but needs shelter, and is also incapable of sustaining a long flight. - "The Panama Canal and its Makers", Vaughan Cornish.
  3. Familiarity with them may breed anything but admiration. - "Marjorie Dean College Freshman", Pauline Lester.