Part of speech: noun

A small river- duck.

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Usage examples "teal":

  1. 78. Teal, English, ii. - "Himalayan Journals V2.", J. D. Hooker.
  2. Suddenly we heard an unfamiliar noise in the west, boum- boum, boum- boum, boum- baraboum, boum- boum, growing louder- boum- boum, boum- baraboum- and, suddenly, there was a great flight of water birds, aigrettes, pelicans, wild ducks and teal, which scattered over the gum trees, followed by a column of black smoke, which was scarcely flurried by the breeze that was springing up. - "Atlantida", Pierre Benoit.
  3. A little of everything from teal duck to Canada goose. - "The Honorable Percival", Alice Hegan Rice.