Part of speech: noun

A large East- Indian tree yielding durable timber.

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Usage examples "teak":

  1. " He can't come," announced Miss Ingate breathlessly, returning to the cabin, and supporting herself against the door as the solid teak sank under her feet. - "The Lion's Share", E. Arnold Bennett.
  2. Disregarding the prince's scorn, he endeavoured to call his attention to the little teak wood board which the prince had already observed. - "Bright-Wits, Prince of Mogadore", Burren Laughlin and L. L. Flood.
  3. They would sell your heart's blood separate, In a jar with a gold brim, With a text of burning hatred Coiled around the rim; They would sell my hand upon a beam of teak wood, In the other scale a feather curled; They would sell your heart upon a silver balance Weighed against the world. - "Lundy's Lane and Other Poems", Duncan Campbell Scott.