Part of speech: noun

Contraction; amount lost by contraction.

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Usage examples "shrinkage":

  1. On small tubing, the shrinkage may often extend so far that the inner surface of the shrunken part reaches the center of the tube. - "Laboratory Manual of Glass-Blowing", Francis C. Frary.
  2. In these homes there would be separate dormitories, good sitting- rooms, cooking conveniences, baths, a hall for meetings, and many other comforts, of which all would have the benefit at as low a figure above cost price as will not only pay interest on the original outlay, but secure us against any shrinkage of capital. - "In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out", Booth, William.
  3. Every gain in life means a corresponding loss; development in one part means a shrinkage in some other. - "In Times Like These", Nellie L. McClung.