Part of speech: noun

A temporary elevated structure for the support of workmen, as in building or for the execution of criminals.

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Usage examples "scaffold":

  1. He signed and sealed the contract within an hour after he entered his cell, on the condition that certain papers then at the Dene should be in his hands before the dawn; so he saved a woman's honour from being dragged through the mire of a public trial, and perhaps a delicate neck from the scaffold. - "Barren Honour: A Novel", George A. Lawrence.
  2. Tick- tock, the cell door and the scaffold drop. - "Erik Dorn", Ben Hecht.
  3. I think, monseigneur, of our friends arrested, tried, condemned; M. d'Argenson told me so; of our friends who are destined to the scaffold, and who can be saved only by the death of the regent; of our friends who would say, if I were to leave France, that I purchased my safety by their ruin, and that the gates of the Bastille were opened by my revelations. - "The Regent's Daughter", Alexandre Dumas (Pere).