Part of speech: participle


Part of speech: verb

To suffer death; decease; expire.

Part of speech: noun

A small figured cube ( see DICE); a cast, as in dice playing; stake.

Part of speech: noun

A hard metal device for stamping or cutting out some object, as a coin.

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Usage examples "die":

  1. Oh, I do feel as if I shall die! - "Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School", Margaret Penrose.
  2. I shall die if you do! - "Little Novels of Italy Madonna Of The Peach-Tree, Ippolita In The Hills, The Duchess Of Nona, Messer Cino And The Live Coal, The Judgment Of Borso", Maurice Henry Hewlett.
  3. When did the child die? - "The Progressionists, and Angela.", Conrad von Bolanden.