Part of speech: noun

The second note of the musical scale.

Part of speech:

Back; backward; again; again and again; against; anew; over; opposite as, refit, renew. Numerous compounds, in which re has its unmodified meaning of back, again, anew, are practically self explaining in connection with the definitions of their root words. Compounds of re which have special meanings will be found in vocabulary placs.

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Usage examples "re":

  1. He wrote it and re- wrote it, over and over again. - "Hoosier Mosaics", Maurice Thompson.
  2. " You will re- pack," said Mr. Twist. - "Christopher and Columbus", Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim.
  3. About this time I succeeded in getting the landlady's consent to re- model a part of the house. - "Twenty Years of Hus'ling", J. P. Johnston.