Part of speech: verb

To put before or at the beginning.

Part of speech: noun

That which is prefixed.

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Usage examples "prefix":

  1. It is indeed uncertain what this was, but Gesenius long ago rejected the idea that it was a stone, because there is no prefix to it, as there is to " shoham," which follows, and certainly is a precious stone. - "Creation and Its Records", B.H. Baden-Powell.
  2. As an example of another common prefix, it may again be mentioned here. - "The Khasis", P. R. T. Gurdon.
  3. The judge, where he returned to Raleigh, resumed his own name of Turberville, and he allowed it to be known that he would not be offended by the prefix of General. - "The Prodigal Judge", Vaughan Kester.