Part of speech: verb

To provide with rays; send or go out as rays.

Part of speech: noun

A narrow beam of light; anything radiating from an object, as a spine of a fish's fin or a ray - like flower.

Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: noun

A fish having the body depressed into the form of a flat disk; a torpedo.

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Usage examples "ray":

  1. Is anything the matter, Ray? - "Salome", Emma Marshall.
  2. Ray turned in at the side door, and Clara, white to the lips, hurried round the corner. - "Jonah", Louis Stone.
  3. He knows what I think; but I want to be friends with everybody here, and I feel sure that by interfering further I should be turning ray landlord into an enemy. - "Will of the Mill", George Manville Fenn.