Part of speech: noun

The twenty- fourth letter in the English alphabet.

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Usage examples "x":

  1. Mrs. X, as he called her, who lives in a palace not a thousand miles, he said, from Piazza degli Anti- nory, and who had given Mr. B. reasons for not liking her, was seen by him, in a suspiciously simple dress, going suspiciously on foot, in a little suspiciously out of the way street, at a considerable distance from Piazza degli Anti- nory. - "Aurora the Magnificent", Gertrude Hall.
  2. All Saint X knew what it meant for old Skeffington to " fool 'em again." - "The Second Generation", David Graham Phillips.
  3. I'll go to Saint X. I'm just about strong enough to stand the trip- and have Schulze come out to Point Helen this evening." - "The Second Generation", David Graham Phillips.