What does the word quantitative mean?

Usage examples for quantitative

  1. At any rate all we can say at present is that the yeast test is unreliable as a measure of vitamine content but that if it can be made quantitative its advantages are so great that it is very much worth while to continue work upon it until it is certain that it cannot be made to produce the desired result. – The Vitamine Manual by Walter H. Eddy
  2. An effort has been made by some observers to find a quantitative relation between the organic matter, expressed as oxygen absorbed in parts per million, and the chlorine required for oxidation, but without definite result. – Chlorination of Water by Joseph Race
  3. The changes which are produced from one moment to another are no longer, by the hypothesis, changes of quality; they are quantitative variations, it may be of the phenomenon itself, it may be of its elementary parts. – Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson