What does the word python mean?

Usage examples for python

  1. The Fountain of the Winds is one, where a vast mass of water springs into the air from the foot of a great cavernous rock; there is a succession of exquisite cascades called the Race- Course, filled with graceful statuary; a colossal group of Apollo slaying the Python, who in his death agony bleeds a torrent of water; the Basket of Flowers, which throws up a system of forty jets; the great single jet called Fame, which leaps one hundred and thirty feet into the air, a Niagara reversed; and the crowning glory of the garden, the Baths of Diana, an immense stage scene in marble and bronze, crowded with nymphs and hunting- parties, wild beasts and birds, and everywhere the wildest luxuriance of spouting waters. – Castilian Days by John Hay
  2. At a wine party he was once asked whether he thought Python or Kaphisias the better flute player, to which he answered that Polysperchon was the best general, as though that were the only subject on which a king should form or express an opinion. – Plutarch's Lives, Volume II by Aubrey Stewart & George Long
  3. Yet the Python still lingers in the Hungarian marshes. – Literary and General Lectures and Essays by Charles Kingsley