Part of speech: noun

Any large non poisonous serpent that crushes its prey.

Part of speech: noun

A long fur or feather neck - piece.

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Usage examples "boa":

  1. There was no time to change her dress, but she took out a feather boa which she kept for great occasions, and prepared to descend with dignity. - "The Mating of Lydia", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
  2. My dogs were dispersed along the brink of a deep ravine, in which was an enormous boa. - "The Story of Magellan and The Discovery of the Philippines", Hezekiah Butterworth.
  3. The britschka was at the door when I got back to the inn, and Mrs. Hatton with her veil down, and her boa round her neck, was waiting for me in the little sitting- room. - "Ellen Middleton--A Tale", Georgiana Fullerton.