What does the word pulpit mean?

Usage examples for pulpit

  1. A way was made to a back door by the side of the pulpit. – The Mormon Prophet by Lily Dougall
  2. Why the English custom is not followed, and a clean sweep made of both the men in the pulpit and the women inside, one has no notion; for in addition to being a nuisance they must reduce the profits. – A Wanderer in Paris by E. V. Lucas
  3. I used to think that only mature men ought to be sent out but now I shall be glad to see a boy in the pulpit to show us the way to salvation,- a boy it may be with a head full of foolish notions that old folks say are not practical and some of which won't of course stand wear; but a boy, with a glad young face, eyes full of faith and dreams and the sort of insane courage and daring that only the young know. – Green Valley by Katharine Reynolds