Part of speech: noun

Lofty, impassioned, and convincing utterance; the quality of being eloquent.

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Usage examples "eloquence":

  1. Merthyr quitted the place rather impressed by his eloquence, but unfavourably by his feverish look. - "Vittoria, v8", George Meredith.
  2. She listened with delight and eagerness, and her eye, frequently, when my friend's eloquence was most affecting, appealed to me. - "Jane Talbot", Charles Brockden Brown.
  3. Not from its beauty, yet it may have been beautiful; nor from its youth, for the woman before me was not youthful, but from the extraordinary eloquence of its expression caught at a rare moment when the heart, which gave it life, was full. - "The Millionaire Baby", Anna Katharine Green.