Part of speech: noun

A pad on a horse's back, behind the saddle, on which a second person may ride.

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Usage examples "pillion":

  1. Bidding the two boys, dark- eyed youngsters aged three and five, to cling tightly to the pillion on the cow's back, he took the halter and the staff in his right hand, passed his left arm around the emaciated frame of his wife, and, in this wise, the small cavalcade resumed its journey. - "The Great Mogul", Louis Tracy.
  2. After riding half the night on a pillion behind the Danite, Susannah entered the Mormon camp. - "The Mormon Prophet", Lily Dougall.
  3. A pillion was a cushion strapped on behind a man's saddle, and from it sometimes hung a small platform or double stirrup on which a woman rider could rest her feet. - "Customs and Fashions in Old New England", Alice Morse Earle.