Part of speech: verb

To place on or provide with a cushion.

Part of speech: noun

A flexible casing filled with soft material, as feathers; any device to deaden jar.

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Usage examples "cushion":

  1. He had just seated him in his easy- chair, and placed the embroidered cushion under his feet, when the shrill street- bell resounded in the hall. - "Andreas Hofer", Lousia Muhlbach.
  2. Now, when weight or pressure is exerted from above on to this organ, and the frog is in contact with the ground below, it is clear from the position the cushion occupies that, whatever change of form pressure from above will cause it to take, it must certainly be limited in various directions. - "Diseases of the Horse's Foot", Harry Caulton Reeks.
  3. When finished, pin it on to a weighted cushion to work the pattern on it, as that stretches the knitting, and shews more plainly where you should put your needle in. - "Exercises in Knitting", Cornelia Mee.