Part of speech: adverb

Completely; utterly.

Part of speech: adjective

Free from reserve or restraint.

Part of speech: adverb

Without reservation or delay; at once; utterly.

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Usage examples "outright":

  1. The Rakshasa came near and said, You are the youth with the moon on your forehead and stars on the palms of your hands; I would have swallowed you outright, had you not called me uncle, and had you not said that your aunt had sent you to me. - "Folk-Tales of Bengal", Lal Behari Day.
  2. " Good heavens, but I couldn't study medicine like my father and grandfather," cried Marietta, laughing outright. - "The Northern Light", E. Werner.
  3. The old Squire thought a heap of him, and nothin' but his pride kept him from ownin' the child outright and treatin' him like he was his own flesh and blood. - "Aunt Jane of Kentucky", Eliza Calvert Hall.