Part of speech: noun

A mounted servant who rides in advance of or beside a carriage.

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Usage examples "outrider":

  1. He, however, liked better to be an outrider, for where his horse was, there he also wanted to be, so the King made him an outrider. - "Household Tales by Brothers Grimm", Grimm Brothers.
  2. Coachman, footman, and outrider, for there was even an outrider, all wore golden crowns. - "Stories from Hans Andersen", Hans Christian Andersen.
  3. The carriage went toward Rambouillet, and arrived there at a quarter to ten, but at the entrance of the town it stopped, Lafare went on in the carriage to the Tigre- Royal, monseigneur following as an outrider. - "The Regent's Daughter", Alexandre Dumas (Pere).