Part of speech: adjective

Apporpriate to a neighbor; sociable.

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Usage examples "neighborly":

  1. Doubt made deadly assault upon Faith, and Trust, and Hope, whenever they drew near, while Ill- will stood ever on the alert to drive off Charity, Loving- kindness and Neighborly regard. - "All's for the Best", T. S. Arthur.
  2. I reminded her in a neighborly way that Mr. Milton wrote the " Areopagitica," thought by some to be a good sort, but that, until Tony knew his letters, the " Areopagitica" would be almost wasted on him. - "Life's Minor Collisions", Frances Warner Gertrude Warner.
  3. " Well, I like to be neighborly," returned the pretty bird; " and as long as cruel men enter our forest no mother can tell how soon her own little ones will be orphaned and left helpless." - "Policeman Bluejay", L. Frank Baum.