Part of speech: noun

A fictitius narrative for the time received as historical; imaginary person; tradition; popular fable.

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Usage examples "myth":

  1. The myth related that because Athene's blow had struck the ambitious weaver Arachne, she had resolved, before the goddess transformed her into a spider, to put an end to her disgrace. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  2. That she was mad, though the conviction gave him the acutest pain, he could no longer doubt; she had only mistaken an effect of her mental disorder for its cause, bringing into imaginary relation with her own personality the vagaries of the local myth- makers. - "The Best Psychic Stories", Various.
  3. Enough of the lightning, enough of the tales that speak of the death of the mother: strange tales of a shelter brought to the unborn, enough of tale, myth, mystery, precedent- a child lay on the earth asleep. - "Hymen", Hilda Doolittle.