Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to the god Mercury; lively; volatile.

Part of speech: adjective

Of or relating to quicksilver.

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Usage examples "mercurial":

  1. Such was the legend attached to Tapton Everard, and such the story which the lively Caroline Ingoldsby detailed to her equally mercurial cousin, Charles Seaforth, lieutenant in the Hon. - "Humorous Ghost Stories", Dorothy Scarborough.
  2. The time more usually required in developing the image over the mercurial vapors, is about two minutes, and the temperature is raised to a point necessary to produce the desired effect in that time. - "American Handbook of the Daguerrotype", Samuel D. Humphrey.
  3. And Garry, who had been trying to marry Peggy for a year and was by no means as uncertain and mercurial in his affections as Kenny would have him believe, stared with eyes intelligent and reminiscent. - "Kenny", Leona Dalrymple.