Part of speech: noun

Manly qualities collectively.

Part of speech: noun

The state of being a man.

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Usage examples "manhood":

  1. After he had been supplied with food and drink he told Mr. Hawkyard that " he didn't feel cold, or hungry, or thirsty," and in relating the story in manhood he said: That was the whole round of human feelings, as far as I knew, except the pain of being beaten. - "Dickens As an Educator", James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes.
  2. His own self, his own manhood, whipped him. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.
  3. As I saw them in the strength of their manhood going to their destruction, my heart wept inwardly knowing many of them would never return. - "Sixty Years of California Song", Margaret Blake-Alverson.