Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: adjective

Made with lines.

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Usage examples "lineal":

  1. In this little brown drawing, however, the truth is truth according to the rules of lineal perspective, unerringly deduced; and from a set of similar drawings, this art of perspective, so important to the artist- which has been so variously taught, and in which so many masters have failed- could be more surely acquired than by any other means. - "Leading Articles on Various Subjects", Hugh Miller.
  2. Extremes meet; and the " lewd sots" who went " goggling with their heads," gaping and disputing at the painted windows on their way to the shrine, were lineal ancestors to the notorious " Blue Dick" of 250 years later, who made a merit of having mounted on a lofty ladder, pike in hand, to " rattle down proud Becket's glassie bones." - "Chaucer and His England", G. G. Coulton.
  3. " Well said, old Moll; we shall have the best part of him to- night in spite of the Atlantic Ocean," cried the blacksmith, who was seated on a stool making fun with the terrier, the cat, and the kitten- not the original animals, of course, but the lineal descendants of those which were introduced at the beginning of our tale. - "The Thorogood Family", R.M. Ballantyne.