Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

Class. Myth. The stream of oblivion in the world of the dead, causing all who drank of it to forget the past.

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Usage examples "lethe":

  1. For the plain is parched By flax- crop, parched by oats, by poppies parched In Lethe- slumber drenched. - "The Georgics", Virgil.
  2. And they named the river Lethe. - "Unexplored!", Allen Chaffee.
  3. She knew well that she could not comfort her husband in the anxiety that was gnawing at his heart- strings, but she was jealous of comfort that might come to him from any other source, and the Lethe of wine and jolly companionship she dreaded most of all. - "The Deserter", Charles King.