Part of speech: verb

To furnish with a lattice.

Part of speech: noun

Openwork of crossed bars; a screen.

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Usage examples "lattice":

  1. Whether it was secretly confiscated by the customs, or was accepted as a just tribute by the populace from a poetic admirer, I do not know, but I hope it is now in the keeping of some dark- eyed Spanish girl, who will wear it while murmuring through her lattice to her novio on the pavement outside. - "Roman Holidays and Others", W. D. Howells.
  2. Then I saw the light in the doctor's window, and, drawing near, observed that the blind was up and the lattice thrust open among the climbing dog- roses. - "Bye-Ways", Robert Smythe Hichens.
  3. Further observation adds to the number of details, such as the size of the window panes or the pattern of the lattice work. - "Composition-Rhetoric", Stratton D. Brooks.