Part of speech: verb

To fit with laths.

Part of speech: noun

A thin strip of wood or metal, as to support plastering.

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Usage examples "lath":

  1. And all the while the beating on the doors went on; and I heard voices through the lath and plaster from the back- hall; and then the sound of unbolting, and the knocking ceased on that side, though it still went on upon the, other. - "Oddsfish!", Robert Hugh Benson.
  2. 446 161. Putting on Lath. - "Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce", E. R. Billings.
  3. He momentarily expected the latch to be lifted, then in the heavy silence he caught the sound of some stealthy movement beyond the lath and plaster partition, and an instant later an audible footfall. - "The Prodigal Judge", Vaughan Kester.