Part of speech: noun

A bird having a straight, deeply cleft bill, and in the habit of diving for fish.

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Usage examples "kingfisher":

  1. If the professor had said that he saw the blackbird dive head first into the water for the fish, after the manner of the kingfisher, I should have been very skeptical. - "Ways of Nature", John Burroughs.
  2. An old kingfisher used to sit on a limb over the still water and watch for minnows,- a blue and white fellow with a sharp beak. - "The Veiled Lady and Other Men and Women", F. Hopkinson Smith.
  3. We soon made her out to be a man- of- war, and on exchanging signals she proved to be the Kingfisher sloop- of- war. - "Hurricane Hurry", W.H.G. Kingston.