Part of speech: noun

A pier.

Part of speech: adjective

Like or made of jet; black as jet.

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Usage examples "jetty":

  1. Their son Johann married Jetty Treffy in 1863; she was a favourite public singer, and her ambition raised him out of a mere dance- hall existence to the waltz- making for the world. - "The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2", Rupert Hughes.
  2. She illuminated 'The Moorings' in large letters upon it, and painted a picture of a boat moored to a jetty below, as being an appropriate design. - "Monitress Merle", Angela Brazil.
  3. Indeed, it was the jetty method- by this time more highly thought of than ten years before- which was being attempted, but not in proper form. - "James B. Eads", Louis How.