Part of speech: verb

To shoot out in a jet or jets.

Part of speech: noun

That which spurts out.

Part of speech: noun

A spout or nozle.

Part of speech: noun

A rich black mineral coal, used for ornaments.

Part of speech: noun

The color of jet; deep black. jetblack.

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Usage examples "jet":

  1. A jet of brown gas was playing from it now. - "Greylorn", John Keith Laumer.
  2. Her pallor was interesting, her hair jet black, and her manners fascinating; but for all that I could never have worshipped at her shrine. - "Fragments of an Autobiography", Felix Moscheles.
  3. Evidently, Hank decided, all of this dozen- odd cluster of youngsters were connected with the jet- set underground. - "Combat", Dallas McCord Reynolds.